Our master craftsmen have years of experience in creating fine bronze sculptures. Shown below are some of our designs, as well as pictures of original artworks from Europe. We can create reproductions of these original artworks according to your specific requirements. Browse through beautiful interpretations of Jesus Christ, figures of The Old Testament,, The Angel of Redemption, Saint Michael, and The Holy Family. We also exhibit many renditions of other saints and venerable figures, including the apostles. Click on the design number below the photo to see a larger image (pop-up blockers must be disabled).

Section 1: Angels

ANGB-107   ANGB-108   ANGB-112   ANGB-110   ANGB-109  
ANGB-118   ANGB-120 ANGB-121   ANGB-117   ANGB-123
ANGB-127   ANGB-128   ANGB-129   ANGB-130   ANGB-131  

Section 2: The Crucifixion, Christ Our King, The Good Shepherd, The Holy Family, Sedes Sapientiae, Our Lady of Loreto, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Pieta

CRXB-714   CRXB-716   SJPH-806   JESB-512   JESB-513   JESB-514
JESB-515   JESB-517   HOLB-560   HOLB-561   HOLB-562  
HOLB-563   HOLB-564   JOSB-105   MRYB-229   MRYB-227   MRYB-228   MRYB-220
OLGB-250   MRYB-231   MRYB-232   MRYB-946   MRYB-226   PIEB-901

Section 3: Saints & Venerable Figures - Shown below are just a few classic renditions of biblical figures. We have many others (please contact us).

Saint Anthony   Saint Anthony   Saint Augustine   Saint Augustine   Saint Clare of Assisi   Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton  
ANTB-210   ANTB-211   AUGB-356   AUGB-357   CLAB-207   ELSB-812  
St Elizabeth of Hungary   St John the Evangelist   Saint Francis of Assisi   Saint Francis of Assisi   Saint Ignatius   Saint John the Baptist  
ELZB-402   JEVB-630   FRAB-706   FRAB-707   IGNB-104   JBPB-110  
Saint John the Baptist   St Patrick   Saint Joachim   Saint Louis   Saint Peter   Pope John Paul II  
JBPB-112   SPAT-705   JCHB-520   LOUB-301   PETB-204   PJPB-801  
Fray Junipero Serra   Fray Junipero Serra   Ezechiel   Moses   Isaias   St Therese of Lisieux  
JUNB-124   JUNB-126   EZCB-160   MOSB-140   ISAB-140   THEB-518  
St George   St Paul   King David   St Michael the Archangel   St Michael the Archangel  
GEOB-196   PAUB-170   DAVB-140   MICB-242   MICB-245  
San Lorenzo Ruiz   Fr. Michael McGivney   San Juan Diego   St Luke   St Richard  
SLRB-710   GIVB-226   SJDB-582   LUKB-330   RCHB-380  
St Stephen   St (Padre) Pio   St (Padre) Pio   St (Padre) Pio   St Vincent de Paul   St Vincent de Paul
STNB-620   PIOB-804   PIOB-806   PIOB-814   VINB-190   VINB-191

For questions about ordering our products, please contact us by telephone at 401-219-1521 or by using the email button below. We are located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island and can be reached between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. EST, Monday through Friday. You may browse our other product galleries by clicking on our Home Page link below. Thank you for visiting our web site.

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