Our master craftsmen have years of experience in creating fine marble sculptures. Shown below are some of our designs, as well as pictures of original artworks from Europe. We can create reproductions of these original artworks according to your specific requirements. Browse through beautiful interpretations of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Lady Madonna and Child, Saint Joseph, and The Holy Family. We also exhibit many renditions of saints and venerable figures, including the apostles. Click on the design number below the photo to see a larger image (pop-up blockers must be disabled).

Section 1: Our Lord Jesus Christ (The Good Shepherd, The Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Crucifixion, and Stations of the Cross)

SJES-701   SJES-709   SJES-711   SJES-704   SJES-729   SJES-717  
SJES-705   SJES-710 SJES-715   SJES-706   SJES-730   SJES-714    
SJES-712   SJES-726   SJES-723   SJES-724   SJES-725   SJES-713

Section 2: Saint Joseph and The Holy Family
SJPH-801   SJPH-802   SJPH-803   SJPH-819   SJPH-806   SJPH-814   SJPH-804  
SHOL-217   SHOL-218   SHOL-220   SHOL-224   SHOL-226

Section 3: The Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Our Lady of Lourdes, Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Fatima, Sedes Sapientiae, and The Pieta)

SMRY-965   SMRY-903   SMRY-904   SMRY-908   SMRY-970   SMRY-922   SMRY-926
SMRY-915   SMRY-909   SMRY-925   SMRY-963   SMRY-921   SMRY-905 (Mary with young Catherine)  
SMRY-919   SMRY-923   SMRY-916 (The Pieta)   SMRY-912   SMRY-946   SMRY-902
SVIS-100 (The Visitation)   SMRY-942   SMRY-962   SMRY-964   SMRY-918   SMRY-941  

We have many variations of The Three Children of Fatima available, in your choice of stone and color. Please contact us for more information. (telephone us at 401-219-1521)

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SFAM-407   SFAM-410   SMRY-915

Section 4: Angels (The Angel Gabriel & Guardian Angels)

SANG-501   SANG-502   SANG-503   SANG-504   SANG-505   SANG-506   SANG-507  
SANG-508   SANG-509   SANG-510   SANG-512   SANG-515   SANG-516  
SANG-517   SANG-518   SANG-519   SANG-520   SANG-521   SANG-522  

Section 5: Saints & Venerable Figures - Shown below are just a few classic renditions of biblical figures. We have many others (please contact us).

Abraham   Saint Andrew   Saint Ann   Saint Ann   Saint Anthony   Saint Anthony  
SABR-250   SAND-101   SANN-156   SANN-157   SANT-901   SANT-902  
Saint Anthony   Saint Anthony   Saint Augustine   Saint Bartholomew   Saint Benedict   St Bernard of Clairvaux  
SANT-903   SANT-906   SAUG-410   SBAR-201   SBEN-398   SBER-220  
St Bernard of Clairvaux   Saint Christopher   St Clare of Assisi   Saint Clare of Assisi   Saint Dominic   St Elizabeth of Hungary  
SBER-221   SCHR-341   SCLR-215   SCLR-216   SDOM-740   SELZ-402  
St Francis of Assisi   St Francis of Assisi   Saint Giovanni Bosco   Saint Ignatius   James (The Greater)   James (The Lesser)  
SFRN-602   SFRN-608   SGIO-325   SIGN-154   SJAM-301   SJML-145  
John the Baptist   John the Baptist   John the Baptist   John the Evangelist   John the Evangelist   Saint Jude   Saint Jude  
SJBP-700   SJBP-701   SJBP-704   SJON-501   SJON-502   SJUD-601   SJUD-602  
Saint Lawrence   St Louis IX (France)   St Louis Bertrand   Saint Luke   Saint Luke   Saint Luke   St Margaret
SLAW-472   SLOU-908   SLBT-344   SLUK-560   SLUK-561   SLUK-562   SMGT-804
Saint Mark   Saint Mark   Mary Magdalene   Mary Magdalene   Saint Matthew   Saint Matthew  
SMRK-270   SMRK-271   SMMG-206   SMMG-208   SMAT-701   SMAT-702  
Saint Matthew   Saint Michael   Saint Michael   Saint Monica   Saint Nicholas   Saint Nicholas   Saint Pascal  
SMAT-703   SMIC-190   SMIC-191   SMON-822   SNIC-147   SNIC-148   SPCL-155  
Saint Patrick   Saint Patrick   Saint Paul   Saint Paul   Saint Paul   Saint Paul      
SPAT-702   SPAT-705   SPAU-450   SPAU-451   SPAU-452   SPAU-454      
Saint Peter   Saint Peter   Saint Peter   Saint Phillip   Saint Phillip   Saint Philomena  
SPET-550   SPET-551   SPET-552   SPHI-319   SPHI-320   SPHO-902  
Saint Pius X   Raymond of Penafort   Saint Sebastian   Saint Sebastian   St Simon the Zealot   St Simon the Zealot   St Teresa of Avila  
SPIU-326   SRAY-165 SSEB-298   SSEB-299   SSIM-612   SSIM-613   STAV-402  
St Teresa of Avila   St Therese of Lisieux   St Therese of Lisieux   St Therese of Lisieux   St Therese of Lisieux   Thomas the Apostle  
STAV-404   STHE-790 STHE-792   STHE-794   STHE-798   STOM-330  
Thomas the Apostle   Sir Thomas More   Saint Veronica   Saint Vincent de Paul   Saint Vincent de Paul   Saint Vincent de Paul  
STOM-331   STMR-191 SVER-200   SVIN-239   SVIN-240   SVIN-254  

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