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About Us

Artisan Granite specializes in creating life-size statuary for churches and religious organizations in hand-carved marble and cast bronze.  We also make custom-designed fountains in marble, granite, limestone, cast bronze, and stainless-steel.


The company founder, Mark Gabriele, is a mechanical engineer and works with a professional artist.  Together they produce the proper balance of well-engineered architectural products with creativity and artistic beauty.  Our multi-phased approach allows us to initiate design on paper, then clay, and finally stone or metal.  This provides our clients with greater control, allowing us to make refinements at every stage.

Bronze St Joseph the Worker statue
granite angel statue memorial


For over 20 years, Artisan Granite has specialized in creating life-size statuary in cast bronze, granite, and hand-carved marble.  We have made many reproductions of classic English-garden and ornate Italian fountains in marble, granite, and limestone as well. We also make sculpted metal fountains, in designs ranging from baroque to Art Deco, using bronze and stainless-steel.

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