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Bronze Stations of the Cross Plaques
Artisan Granite, LLC
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On the interior perimeter walls of St Ludwig Church in Darmstadt Germany visitors will find one of the most engaging sets of the 14 Stations of the Cross ever created.  The original carvings were made in the early 20th century by Wilhelm and Franz Albermann.  Brothers and master sculptors, they worked together to create images of Jesus's trial and crucifixion like no other.  The detail and emotion exhibited in the Albermann's sculpturing brings to life the sorrow of those who were there to witness Jesus's suffering and sacrifice.  


Remarkably, these carvings survived the allied bombings of WWII mostly intact.  They have never been replicated.

Through nearly 2 years of work and dedication we have taken the Albermann’s three-dimensional sculptures and transposed them into two-and-a-half dimensional “relief carvings”, allowing for the use of a manufacturing technique known as electro-metal deposition.  The fourteen original sculptures were first modeled in clay, then tools were developed for the metal deposition process.  The end result is a thin-metal phosphor-bronze plaque, framed with solid copper.  No wood, plastic, or synthetic materials are used allowing the finished plaques to be installed in an outdoor environment, exposed to the elements, with centuries of longevity.


Albermann's original sculpture


Our artist's clay model


Our finished bronze plaque


The metal deposition process allows us to obtain over 3/4-inches in depth.  Shown here is one plaque immediately after it was made, before cleaning and finishing.  The level of depth and detail obtainable using this process is simply unparalleled.

Each framed plaque measures 15.75-inches in height x 12.0-inches wide. 

They are also available in a variety of finishes, including nickel plating, antique patinas, and with and without protective metal lacquer.  For more information or for an in-person viewing, please Contact us.

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